Be Afraid, Very Afraid!

Marketing Tips January 26, 2011 0 Comments

Getting your customers honest opinion is tough, but sometimes hearing it is even tougher. However, to successfully grow your business you need to know what your customers see so you can continually improve their experience with your company. Here is a list of strategy’s you can use to get your customers feedback and gain their loyalty.

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Kissing Butt & Taking Names:

Marketing Tips December 20, 2010 0 Comments
Sales Strategies For People That Don't Like Talking About Themselves
I want to address a problem that many small business owners face: Letting people know what you can do without sounding like your full of yourself. 
 As an entrepreneur and business owner you are completely dependent on your ability to sell your product or service to customers.  If you can’t eloquently, or at least staggeringly, get someone to give you a try your dreams of making it big will quickly evaporate.   I must admit that I personally have and sometimes still do struggle with networking and building relationships if I don’t actively make an effort and overcoming the obstacles I place in front of myself and use the tips I’ve listed below.    
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Are you the ugly friend?

Marketing Tips November 19, 2010 0 Comments
(Do your competitors hang around you so they can look better?)
This question is a bit harsh on the surface but you need to know if your company is the one your competitors compare themselves to. 

  Today I’m going to talk about image, and how small investments can have a huge impact on your bottom line. Image is one of the biggest obstacles you may face as a small business owner. Because of budget constraints or the lack of skill and time necessary to create the image you really want, you may find yourself skimping on areas that subconsciously can make or break a sale for you with a potential client. It’s unfortunate that this one area is so hard to master because it plays such a huge role in determining how much your customers trust you and your company. In fact, if you have a bad image, the chips may be stacked against you before you even introduce yourself.  

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