The Ultimate Interactive & Social Media Marketing Agency!

One thing every ad agency, marketing firm and small business owner must realize is that marketing and advertising in 2011 is nothing like it was in 2010. Having a good web site design and a presence on social media outlets isn’t enough. The average individual customer no longer just consumes media, they produce it. We’re no longer just talking about the young and tech savvy, it’s everyone and their grandmother. This means that social media marketing isn't just done online. Every individual has the freedom to broadcast a message and influence those who receive it. And most of the time they are broadcasting a message based on interactions and experiences made in the real world, not cyber space. This is why, more than ever, you need a company that can produce campaigns that engage your prospects emotionally while effectively inviting them to interact with you on the social networks they are using, as well as in real life.
Our interactive social media marketing agency is different than a traditional ad agency in that our focus is on interaction with consumers on a one-to-one basis. We don’t talk to target markets we talk to individuals. Because every consumer can broadcast a message via Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and countless other social media outlets instantly from their mobile device, we constantly interact with clients on your behalf to make sure your consumers broadcasts are positive ones.  You’ll see a noticeable increase not only the number of social media followers you have, but also in the amount of targeted traffic driven to your site or physical location.  

Social Media Marketing Solutions for you.

Social Media word of mouth marketing

We don’t just see fans; we see an untapped sales force of millions.

Social Media to build awareness

Facebook gets more traffic then Google, & Youtube is the 2nd most used search engine. See why Social media is SEO 2.0.

Social Media to build brand loyalty

No other medium allows you to consistently stay on top of your clients mind multiple times a day like social media does.

Social Media reputation management

Your online reputation is everything, conversations about your brand are happening and we engage in those conversations for you.